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Business Profile:

Azur Hotels & Resorts is one of the leading Hotel Management Companies serving the Red Sea & Mediterranean Sea region. The Management division provides a comprehensive range of hotel development, operations, management and strategic planning services, specifically tailored to each individual asset's challenges and opportunities - with the overarching goal of maximizing profitability and value.

Azur Hotels & Resorts was founded in 1997 by a group of experienced team in the field of travel and hospitality industry.

We are proud to have established a generous and reliable all-inclusive service in all our hotels & resorts. Whichever resort and/or hotel you choose, you will find a truly successful all-inclusive concept that is built on quality of service and unbeatable range of included activities and entertainment day and night, activities that contain every member of the family and all in one price with no hidden fees.

Our Vision:

We seek to achieve the highest value for each of our assets by nurturing the interests of our customers, owners and colleagues, while blending the legendary heritage of hospitality with the most up-to-date management practices, to maintain our lead in hotel asset management. Indeed, we aim to be the very definition of hospitality.

Our Brands:

Azur Hotels & Resorts offers a variety of unique Hotel and Resorts. Our aim is to serve the different lifestyles and the specific needs of our guests in maximum variety of categories of 5, 4 and 3 stars.

Company Strengths and Core Competencies:

1 - Unique experience in hotel handovers and hotel openings

2 - Fast response & measurable results

3 - Leading edge concepts combined with in-depth experience

4 - Pro-forma and financial system review

5 - Highest quality strategic planning and asset management services

6 - Up-to-date trends, ideas and philosophies

7 - Creative fee Structures

Current Properties:

Hurghada Resorts:

Arabella Azur Resort                       4 Stars 298 rooms

Arabia Azur Resort                          4 Stars 522 rooms

Bel Air Azur Resort                          4 Stars 215 rooms

Giftun Azur Resort                          3 Stars 526 rooms

Sahl Hasheesh

Citadel Azur Resort                         5 Stars Deluxe 514 Rooms

Hurghada - Makadi Bay

Royal Azur Resort                            5 Stars 491 rooms

Club Azur Resort                              4 Stars 339 rooms

Makadi Garden Azur Resort             4 Stars 287 rooms

Lahmy Bay – Marsa Alam Road

Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort               4 Stars 220 rooms


Mediterranean Azur Hotel           5 Stars 160 rooms

We accurately choose our properties in luxurious surroundings to make sure that our guests indulge in each and every visit to insure the repeat business.

Our operation relies on a performance-based electronic platform that keeps hotels connected to an extensive network of distribution channels to drive revenue, efficiently manage room inventories and facilitate 24/7 real-time reservations. 

Our team also ensures each hotel is featured effectively in all our distribution systems. We recognize the importance of objectively reviewing hotel descriptions, rate plan setups and electronic advertising opportunities towards bolstering our market share.

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